Intimacy Communication Worksheet


A tool to help break the ice and ease any awkwardness about discussing intimacy!

This intimacy communication guide was created to aid you in discussing expectations around intimacy as well as get you comfortable talking about it!

The more you talk about intimacy, the easier it gets! Complete this worksheet as honestly and candidly as possible! Share your responses with one another and be open to where the conversation goes.

My prayer is that you listen and respect each other’s vulnerability and that your intimacy communication is blessed! You can do this again in the future and see how you’ve grown together!

W³ Workbook

Will do, Won't do, Want to

The W3 Workbook is meant to help you and your spouse discover where you both stand regarding your intimacy and what you might be interested in trying!

You can go item by item and discuss whether you will do it, you won’t do it, or whether or not you might want to try it! 

My prayer for this workbook is that it acts as an aid to help you better understand each other not create division or disconnect.

Marriage is about pleasing each other, not the pleasure of self. As you go down the list of sexual activities, remember that your desires may change and communication is key!


5 Love Languages
Between The Sheets


Dive into the 5 Love Languages and discover what your love language means for your intimacy!

When you identify and take action on your love language and the love language of your spouse, your relationship can be transformed!

When that carries into your intimacy, it can drastically change it for the better!

My prayer is that you and your spouse go through this guide and discover how your intimacy can be better by incorporating your love languages!

Self Love Worksheet

If I were to ask you to list all the things you love, how long would it be down that list before you say yourself?

This worksheet was created to remind you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are loved by a creator and you should love yourself!

We all need a reminder from time to time of how awesome we really are!

My prayer is that if you fill out this worksheet and reflect on what an amazing creation you are! You can do it daily, weekly, or as often as you need to!