My Expertise

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is the greatest investment that a couple can make for their marriage! More often than not, couples spend more time, money and effort planning the wedding than planning and preparing for the marriage.

Getting married and planning a wedding is such an exciting time! If you’re here, you might be in the thick of it! If that’s you, congratulations! I’m so glad you’re here! It’s wise to be looking into some sort of premarital council! You wouldn’t start a business or take a trip without a game plan right? Getting married is a lot like that, It requires a lot of planning and preparing! If you’re ready to get your marriage off to a great start with a great foundation, here are some of the things we’ll cover together: 

Let’s talk about sex! I get it, I get it... Sex isnt something thats normally openly discussed.

I can help troubleshoot some of the most difficult struggles that couples face in their sex life, including low sexual desire, and orgasm difficulties. Here’s some of the ways that Marital Intimacy Coaching can work for you:

(Yes, I mean sex!)

Group Events & Seminars

Interested in an event or seminar? I offer a wide variety of Christian marriage events! I’d be honored to work with you on hosting a marriage seminar or event in your town!

Let’s talk about your needs and ideas today! We can even customize an event for your church or group!