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Hey Friends, I’m C, that Christian Sex gal that loves Jesus and Christmas! This week, I’m officially starting my business to help couples from a biblical perspective to transform their marriages. I’ve been working with relationships for the last several years and I’ve always dreamed of doing this on my own.

I know first hand that although sex is a big part of marriage, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate! So I’m here to help!Here you’ll find my tips and thought on all things sex and perhaps the occasional ramblings of what’s on my mind (be advised: it’s a jungle in there) I do my best to filter everything through a biblical lens as I believe that is the key to unlocking not only a great sex life with your spouse, but life in general. I am so excited for this journey and even more excited that you’ve stopped by! I hope you’ll stick around!

My mission is to strip away the negative dialogue that is associated with healthy marital intimacy and equip couples with the strategies and tools for marital growth and happiness both in and out of the bedroom! I have an educational background in Psychology and Theology with an emphasis on Healthy Sexuality & Relationships! I’m also a Certified Healthy Sexuality Coach and have learned from some of the greatest in the world of Christian Intimacy!

So when it comes to a great premarital foundation, gettin’ hot & heavy and all things in between, you’re in the right place, I’m your girl! I hope this finds you encouraged, and provides you a resource to help you experience the best kind of sex there is- by God’s design!

To a life well lived,


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