The One About Wandering Minds (During Sex?)

When a wandering mind enters the marriage bed, both partners can seem distracted which is a real damper on intimacy. When trying to remember to be present, try focusing on the here and now! A tip is to be mindful of what your senses are picking up. For example;

-What do you see? Can you see the shadow that hits your partners curves and muscles just right? or the way their hair falls in just the right way? Can you see the look of enjoyment on their face or a soft eye gaze?

-What do you hear? Your partners subtle breathing with each motion, the sounds of pleasure, the music in the background?

-What do you smell? Your spouse’s perfume, cologne, favorite moisturizer? Maybe a whiff of their hair as it flows and tosses around! Maybe you have a favorite candle you use to let your spouse know “it’s on tonight”

-What do you feel? Do you and your spouse move together just right? Does your spouse have touches that are just soft enough or perfect for what you like?

You get the drift! As a mom, and a business owner, I get firsthand how tough it can be to shut your mind off and put life on hold, but focusing on the present really does make a world of difference! Next time you fine your mind going 100 mph at the wrong time, bring it back to the now and you’ll see how much better those intimate moments can be!

What helps you focus on the moment?

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