The One About Sexual Pain

Let's talk about Sex.....ual Pain!

Do any other 90’s kids wonder what they were doing singing Salt N Pepa’s “Let’s talk about Sex” Song? I mean, I wasn’t even 10 when that song came out and I can remember vividly singing it.. Ha! Anyway, in my typical fashion I digress from the original intent of this post and while yes, the intent is to talk about sex, today, we’re talking sexual pain

So Here's the Rundown:

-The Body Anticipates Pain

-The Vaginal Muscles Automatically Tighten

-Penetration is Difficult and Intercourse is Painful

-Reflex Response is Reinforced by the Pain

-Lack of Desire and Avoidance of Sex

As you can imagine, pain can make sex a negative experience. It can be really easy to get stuck in this pain cycle.

When arousal is low, it leads to more pain, and ultimately sexual aversion and without help, some couples never really recover from it.

Pain can be common, but there is always a solution when we establish the triggers. i.e. what kind of pain and at what point it begins. Oral birth control can also play a factor. However, what is most important is that we recognize that pain is NEVER just in a women’s head. On the brighter side, it is always treatable. Sex should not continue if it is painful. When pain continues, women are less likely to want it in the future! If you’re experiencing pain, start by identifying the triggers and seek some help from your GYN or Pelvic Floor Therapist!

When we relieve pain, sex can become as great as it was intended to be!


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