The One About Vaginismus- You Can Beat Painful Sex NOW!

Do you know about Vaginismus?

Do You Know About Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is the involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles. Intercourse becomes problematic and often painful as a result. There are a number things that can cause vaginismus. Things like injury to the pelvic area or trauma. Also, a negative perception of sex and even fear will sometimes lead to vaginismus. Unfortunately, even something as simple as inserting a tampon is quite painful. Consequently, this results in a very real and understandable fear of sex! Additionally, many women with vaginismus are unaware of what they’re experiencing, They simply believe that there is no hope for intimacy to ever be enjoyable. That is just not true!

Now, while it can be painful and sex might seem impossible, there is hope! ~ Nearly all cases of vaginismus are treatable! Vaginismus is a mind body phenomenon. Therefore, any issues in both the mind and the body need to be addressed, The mind and body need to be brought to a healthy place for there to be resolution! It’s also worth noting that self treatment is an option for many women! That said, I recommend locating and getting in with a great pelvic floor therapist in your area and get on your way to alleviating discomfort and making intimacy more enjoyable!

Part of Gods design for sex is that it be enjoyed. Sex is a gift meant to benefit and bless your marriage! Sex should not painful! If you’re experiencing sexual pain or discomfort in your vaginal area, locate your local PFT and be encouraged! ~ Things can turn around despite the fact that you might be experiencing vaginismus. Vaginismus does NOT have to be a death sentence to your intimacy!

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