The One About Changing Your Marriage

Would you believe me if I told you that just 15 minutes a day can save you 15% or more….

I jest! I couldn’t help it…

Now, I don’t really know if there’s truth to those memorable Geico commercials, but what about 15 minutes a day to change your marriage?

Could it be? Could the simple solution to all your marriage troubles be alleviated with 15 measly minutes? While hard to give a guarantee to that degree, I can in fact guarantee that it will change your marriage when done intentionally and without selfish motives.

So here’s the rundown on how I believe that a short 15 minutes can make a big difference.

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  • Take 5 Minutes To Connect Emotionally

    Look into each other’s eyes, share a positive affirmation or not only does this feel good, but this will also release oxytocin which is a trusting happy hormone The good thing ‘bout these happy hormones, is that once you get ‘em, you want more of ‘em.

  • Take 5 Minutes To Connect Physically

    Slow your role now, I don’t mean sex. I mean spend some time connecting without it leading to sex! Have a 20 second hug or 10-30 second kiss! Hold hands while you discuss your day… Spend time with each other physically connecting. This releases dopamine which is another happy hormone, and again, once your brain gets a little hit of those, we want it more!

  • Take 5 Minutes To Connect Spiritually

    Share a Bible verse, inspirational quote, or portion of scripture. More importantly; pray together! Prayer is a powerful thing that can drastically increase your connection to your spouse! Ask your spouse how you can pray for them. Find your marriage verse. Pick a verse in the bible that you want to claim for your marriage and pray it over your marriage together!

Whether your marriage is on the rocks or has never been better, incorporating these 15 minutes a day will change your marriage! So take those 15 minutes a day to connect with your spouse emotionally, physically, and spiritually! 

Be intentional, it makes a difference.


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