The One About Sex And Intimacy

Its always interesting for me when I hear people use the terms sex and intimacy interchangeably. It surprises me even more to realize that more often than not, people believe the two are actually the same thing. Intimacy and sex however are two very different things.

See, although sex is in fact a way to be intimate, it is not intimacy itself. There are numerous ways for married couples to be intimate that are not sexual in nature.

Interestingly enough, sex can be completely void of feelings or emotions. Its primarily just physical. It can be integral to a healthy marriage, but on its own, sex simply cannot sustain a relationship for long.

Intimacy on the other hand, involves a myriad of things like vulnerability, emotions, spirituality and is also what keeps marriages alive through tough life seasons, dry spells, and periods without sex.

It’s incredibly important to understand the difference between sex and intimacy as it can better your marriage and your relationship with your spouse!

What are your favorite non sexual intimacy tips?

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